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Private Shuttle: Kaqchikel Tours offer reliable private shuttle service to any destination in Guatemala.

Airport Shuttle: Kaqchikel Tours offer airport shuttle service from Guatemala International Airport to Quetzaltenango or another destination.

Express Shuttle: Kaqchikel Tours offer on time, door-to-door shuttle service.

Please contact us for pricing and availability check.

Destination Approx. Travel Time
Xela to Antigua Guatemala 4 hours
Antigua to Xela 4 hours
Xela to Panajachel 2 hours
Panajachel to Xela 2 hours
Xela to Chichicastenango 2 ½ hours
Chichicastenango to Xela 2 ½ hours
Xela to San Pedro la Laguna 3 hours
San Pedro to Xela 3 hours
Destination Approx. Travel Time
Xela to San Cristobal, MX 8 hours
San Cristobal, MX to Xela 8 hours
Xela to Tapachula, MX 4 hours
Tapachula, MX to Xela 4 hours
Xela to Coban (via Antigua) 8 ½ hours
Coban to Xela 8 ½ hours
Xela to Lanquin (Semuc Champey) 10 hours
Lanquin to Xela 10 hours
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