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1. Zunil Market & Georginas Hot Springs
2. Handicraft Tour
3. Tree Churches Tour
4. Quetzaltenango Historical City Center
5. Quetzaltenango City Tour
6. Takalik´ Abaj´ & Fuentes Georginas
7. San Francisco el Alto Market

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Zunil Market & Georginas Hot Springs (½ day)

This relaxing journey takes the visitor the village of Zunil with its church, public market, and shrine to San Simon (a Guatemalan saint/deity revered in the area). The itinerary then continues on to the Fuentes Georginas hot springs, whose mineral rich waters issue forth from the surrounding mountains decked in cloud forest foliage. The tour leaves Quetzaltenango at 8 am, returning around 12 noon.
Handicraft Tour (½ day)

The Western Highlands of Guatemala boast an impressive level of cultural diversity, collectively known as “Living Maya Culture;” a fitting moniker as evidenced by the daily lives of the local people dressed in traditional garb and employing the handcrafted tools of their respective trades. This tour explores the fruits of their labor and the beauty wrought by these skilled craftspeople and their uncanny ability to combine ingenuity with time-tested tradition, including everything from food and drink to tools and utensils to clothing and items for home décor. From the utilitarian to the decorative, on this tour you’re sure to find the perfect souvenir for yourself and / or gifts for friends and loved ones back home during your visits to the artisans of Quetzaltenango, Totonicapán, and Salcajá.
Tree Churches: San Cristobal, San Andrés Xecul, Salcajá (½ day)

This cultural excursion offers the visitor a glimpse of the art, history, and architecture of the "Three Churches" around Quetzaltenango; each with its own colorful history. The tour takes the visitor from Quetzaltenango to San Cristobal, Totonicapan to visit the church and convent. While in the village one can also visit its public market where tools and other implements can be found at bargain prices. The itinerary then continues on to the famous Church of San Andrés Xecul, with its vibrantly painted baroque facade. The tour finally ends at Concepción la Conquistadora in Salcajá. Founded in 1524 it is the oldest church in San Jacinto.
Quetzaltenango Historical City Center (½ day)

The city of Quetzaltenango, founded in 1524 , has across the centuries earned its place as the “cradle of culture,” as it is regionally known. With towering buildings from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the city center offers an impressive amalgamation of architectural styles including, for example, the cathedral on Central Park with its striking mixture of neo classical and baroque influences (note the serliana window effect on its frontal facade). This tour provides the visitor with an in depth look at this cathedral and the surrounding area starting from Parque Centro América at 2,330 meters ( 7,644 ft. ), and including a tour of the plaza’s main buildings such as City Hall, Pasaje Enriquez, the Aparicio House (now home to the Department of the Interior), the Municipal Theatre, and the previously mentioned Holy Spirit Cathedral.
Quetzaltenango City Tour (½ day)

This city tour visits some of the city’s most important sites , including the historical center, major bridges, educational institutions, historical monuments, and a bird’s eye view to see the city and understand the various stages of its growth and transformation into Guatemala’s “second city” and cultural capital of the western highlands. Overall this tour offers a comprehensive overview of the city and its history in a relatively short period of time, starting at 8 am and wrapping up around 1 pm.
Takalik´ Abaj´ & Fuentes Georginas (1 day)

This tour leaves Quetzaltenango to arrive in Retalhuleu Asintal and the archaeological site of Taka'lik A'baj, a cultural and economic epicenter during the Preclassic and Classic periods of the pre-Columbian era. Its architecture was heavily influenced by the Olmecs during the incipient stages of Mayan civilization in the area, and it is the only place in Mesoamerican where both cultures are documented. It has a radius of approximately 6.5 square miles and contains over 80 major structures including over 200 stone stelae (and excavation at the site is still under way). After visiting this site the tour continues on to the Fuentes Georginas hot springs to offer a relaxing dip in the mineral rich waters that flow from nearby Zunil Volcano. The tour leaves Quetzaltenango at 8 am and returns around 4 pm.
San Francisco el Alto Market (½ day)

This tour leaves from Quetzaltenango to arrive in San Francisco El Alto for the town’s weekly (Friday) market day. It is the largest market in the Guatemalan highlands, yet is still representative of the region’s culture and daily life, with local inhabitants purchasing every day, household items and, of course, local vendors selling their wares to locals and visitors alike. The market itself is divided into roughly three main areas: animals (many of them live), artisanal handicrafts, and finely woven textiles. The itinerary also includes a visit to the town’s sixteenth century church, whose restoration after a devastating earthquake in 1976 revealed several colonial era murals hidden beneath layers of lime plaster applied over the centuries following its construction.
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