1. Quetzaltenango to Aguas Amargas (Zunil)
2. La Muela to San Silvestre
3. Siete Cruces to Georginas Hot Springs
4. Quetzaltenango to Lake Atitlan
5. Nebaj to Todos Santos

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Quetzaltenango to Aguas Amargas (1 day)

This 15 km “mini-trek” takes the hiker to Aguas Amargas (literally “bitter waters”) located in the village La Estancia in Zunil, Quetzaltenango. These mineral rich waters are known as “bitter” as they originate from the nearby Zunil volcano, and many of the local inhabitants attribute healing properties to them. Departure is at 8 am with a scheduled return to the city around 5:30 pm.
La Muela to San Silvestre (1 day)

This is a 7 kilometer trek from Quetzaltenango to a group of nearby rocky precipices collectively known as “La Muela” (literally “the molar”). Its name comes from the appearance of the rock formations at the summit, resembling from a distance the silhouette of a large, ridged tooth. The hike’s initial destination is an open clearing with an excellent view of the imposing aforementioned cliffs as well as the surrounding area including the city of Quetzaltenango, two of its scenic neighboring hills (La Candelaria and El Baul), as well as some of the nearby agricultural communities that dot the landscape on the outskirts of the city and beyond. In addition the hiker may catch a glimpse of Mayan ceremonies conducted on the various altars set up near the mountain’s base. From this scenic setting the trek continues on to San Silvestre and its medicinal thermal baths, flowing from the depths of La Candelaria and passing through the nearby village of Almolonga. The trek takes about 5 hours. Departure is at 8:30 am, returning to Quetzaltenango around 4 pm.
Siete Cruces to Fuentes Georginas (1 day)

A 15 kilometer walk for people in good physical condition (due to varied terrain), this hike passes through bamboo thickets, alpine woodlands, and cloud forests, quite possibly offering a glimpse of the elusive national bird: the Quetzal. On the summit the hiker can enjoy extraordinary views of Lake Atitlan, the Pacific mountain rage, to the east the eruptions of Volcán de Fuego, and to the west the eruptions of Santiaguito volcano. We end the hike at Fuentes Georginas in order to relax in geothermal hot springs surrounded by an exotic natural setting. The tour departs from Quetzaltenango at 5 am, includes a 30 minute car ride to the hike’s starting point, and returns to the city around 7 pm.
Quetzaltenango to Lake Atitlan (3 days)

This 3-day, 41 kilometer trek traverses a fascinating and diverse collection of landscapes, from the heart of the volcanic Sierra Madre cordillera to the dense cloud forests, spectacular mountain valleys, and myriad river basin tributaries that lead the way to majestic Lago Atitlan. Included in the journey are visits to remote villages full of culture where one can experience the traditions and way of life of the local inhabitants, such as the temazcal, a traditional sauna that incorporates medicinal plants to detoxify and invigorate the body. This challenging adventure ends with a spectacular sunrise at the summit of Indian’s Nose Mountain overlooking Lake Atitlan, followed by a descent to the lake itself.
Nebaj to Todos Santos (4 days)

This 52 kilometer, 4-day walk starts in Nebaj, Quiche and ends in Todos Santos, Cuchumatan, passing through the culturally diverse Ixil Triangle whose indigenous inhabitants still maintain ancestral customs preferring to avoid most modern influences in their daily lives. The route crosses the Cuchumatanes Mountains towards the northwest corner of Guatemala reaching a height of 3,890 meters and all the while meandering through alpine scenery, including limestone rock formations carved at a time when the region lay at the level of the sea floor. In addition the hike passes by mountaintop cemeteries (a feature unique to this area of Central America) and rivers where we one can relax and enjoy crystal clear waters. The adventure finally ends in mountainous Todos Santos, populated by the Mam people famous for the beauty of their traditional dress.
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